RPM Italian

Talk about starting with a bang! RPM Italian is one of the most talked about restaurants in Downtown Chicago right now. There is buzz about celebrity sightings including Brian Urlacher and celebrity couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic – and it has only been open for a month! Naturally, I had to go see what it is all about.

Giuliana Rancic preparing drinks at  RPM

Giuliana Rancic preparing drinks at RPM

Our server approached our table within the first two minutes after we had sat down. His attire was crisp and professional – a white blazer, white button-down shirt, black tie, and black pants. He made us feel welcome and excited to begin our meal. When it came time to start discussing food and drink options, he was able to answer all of our questions and gave several excellent recommendations. It was immediately apparent that he had a great knowledge of the menu and that he was confident answering all of our questions and making recommendations which is quite unexpected for a restaurant that just opened up. Great first impression!

We started with a generous portion of the 600-Day Aged Prosciutto. This was served on a marble serving platter and accompanied by four slices of fresh bread and three red peppers stuffed with provolone cheese cubes. Wow. The aged prosciutto was extremely flavorful and silky in texture. The fresh sliced bread added a great crunch and was a great vehicle to eat the prosciutto. The peppers stuffed with provolone added a fresh sweetness and a small amount of heat to the dish and complimented the richness of the prosciutto well. Great antipasti option overall..

Next we tried the Italian Salad. This was served in a large white bowl that was filled with several different kinds of lettuce,  roasted red and yellow bell peppers, black olives, salami, pepperoncini, halved grape tomatoes, red onion, red cabbage, and shredded Parmesan cheese topped with a house-made Italian dressing. Excellent fresh flavors overall. The crunch of the lettuce, pepperoncinis, tomatoes, onions, and cabbage complimented the smooth roasted peppers, the tender salami, and the olives very well. All of the flavors worked well with each other and the dressing added a great sweetness to the dish. Great salad option.

Then we tried the  mushroom risotto. This was served in a white bowl and topped with fresh herbs and Parmesan cheese. The risotto was prepared perfectly with a slight al dente crunch. The earthy mushrooms permeated throughout the dish and paired very well with the richness of the Parmesan cheese and the freshness of the herbs. Excellent entrée selection overall.

We finished with the Hazelnut Tartufo – A large chocolate coated ball of hazelnut gelato topped with crushed hazelnuts on a large white dish. Wow! Great unique dessert option overall! The presentation was unique and playful. The taste of the chocolate shell paired with the hazelnut gelato was excellent. The cool smooth gelato paired very well with the crunch of the shell and the nuts. A very memorable and satisfying dish.

The overall pace of the meal was excellent. We had enough time to savor each course without feeling rushed and none of the courses overlapped each other which is always a concern with small plates tapas style dining. Each dish was presented and prepared very well. Overall, our server remained very attentive and aware throughout the meal and maintained the cleanliness and the order of the table well.

We would definitely return to RPM Italian! This restaurant is an excellent value. The food quality and presentation is excelling, and it is a fun, welcoming and elegant. Can’t wait to go back!

The Hampton Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown is within steps of RPM. Simply cross the street on Illinois and go West less than 1 block. RPM is visible upon exiting the hotel.


Cinco De Mayo on Uno De Mayo here at the Hampton Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown

Mark your calendars and get ready for a celebration! The Hampton Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown will be hosting a fiesta in honor of the upcoming Cinco De Mayo holiday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm on Tuesday, May 1, 2012. The reception will take place on the Outdoor Terrace, located on the 2nd floor via the Pool or Fitness Center. All clients and affiliates are invited to attend.

The Cinco De Mayo Fiesta will take place on the Terrace, May 1, 2012 from 5 to 7pm

The Cinco De Mayo Fiesta will take place on the Terrace, May 1, 2012 from 5 to 7pm

Guests attending the event can expect refreshments of Cerveza, Signature Margaritas, and Virgin Strawberry Daiquiris. For those needing a little sustenance, a make-your-own nacho bar filled with fresh beans, sour cream, cheese, fajita chicken, chili, salsa, sliced black olives, guacamole, jalapenos and more will be available. Not to mention large portions of Southwestern Salad catered by NYC Bagel will be on hand for those Salad Lovers. Have a taste for seafood? Passed shrimp will be served courtesy of our Hampton employees.

Finally, what Cinco De Mayo fiesta would be complete without a piñata? Candy will fill a pink horse and blue bull piñata for nostalgic charm. Attendees can take a whack and attempt to break the piñata for sweet treats! Cookies and fresh fruit will be provided, also.

If you plan on attending the event, please RSVP directly to Kristen at 312-396-5234 or kreeves@fhginc.com no later than Friday, April 27.




America’s Second City is top for entertainment

Joe Shooman, a Travel Writer for The Observer in the Cayman Islands, stayed here at the Hampton Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown and wrote an article on his experience in Chicago. I am re-posting below for your enjoyment.

America’s Second City is top for entertainment
Travel and Leisure
By: Joe Shooman | joe@cfp.ky
25 March, 2012

Snow. I’d forgotten all about it. But it’s beautiful, it’s soft and it’s very, very cold. But that’s what you get when you decide to visit Chicago in February, I guess. And whilst the rest of the Chi-town population is wrapping up against more days of the blimmin white stuff, Suzy and me are like kids cause we’ve not seen snow in four years.

Chicago is a city with seemingly endless possibilities for entertainment, sight seeing, eating and drinking and it’s great to land somewhere where nobody knows your name.

After a quick trip up the Willis (formerly Sears) tower we spend our first evening in the Illinois city watching the Chicago Bulls at the mighty impressive United Center along with 20,000 other people. Whilst we may be up in the gods at least we’re near the beer; that, allied to the fact that the Bulls ease past the challenge of local rivals Milwaukee Bucks by 110 to 91 with a triple-double from Joakim Noah, makes a very happy bunch of visitors. And whilst Derrick Rose remains the team’s star, I’ve got a new hero – Carlos Boozer. We return to our brilliant, centrally-located Hampton Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown in the River North district, the choice of which proves a smart move on our part due to it being right in the heart of downtown, just north of The Loop.

It’s also near the Red Line of the easily navigable El Train underground railway system; we buy day passes and start to make our adventures the next morning. It’s always much easier to get an idea of a city’s layout and size during the day and so it proves.


Checking the bean

We end up at Millennium Park, which is something of a centre of entertainment, nature and art. Because it’s winter there’s an outdoor ice rink and we toy with getting our skates on, but we have more important things to do, one of which being checking out the famous Cloud Gate.

It’s a sculpture by Anish Kapoor, a British artist born in India, and it’s a masterful, huge, distended, polished steel jelly-bean blob in which the downtown scenery is beautifully reflected. The skyline looks quite extraordinary and lends the city a contemporary regality. Of course, the colloquial nickname is The Bean, which shows the humour of the locals. But it’s a brilliant piece that plays with perception – so much so that my wife Suzy clonks her head into it whilst trying to take a video. Oops! But no harm done, so we skip through the rest of the park – no music on the Great Lawn today, but in the summer you can tell that open-air concerts would be awesome there. It gets lovely and warm come July here, with temperatures kissing the 80s with some ease.

Back to the frozen icicle dripping from my chin, however. It seems we need to warm up which we duly do with a visit to the excellent Art Institute of Chicago which for 150 years has presented the good stuff.

It’s a comprehensive museum with Old Masters alongside plenty of contemporary, decorative and visual arts and the one million square feet make it the second-biggest in the States (only the Met in NYC is bigger). Of the many famous works, Edward Hopper’s study of aloneness, Nighthawks, and Grant Wood’s American Gothic are highlights as is the ancient Egyptian gallery. Best of all, I buy an awesome pen in the shape of the heavy metal salute on the way out.

There’s one thing you have to eat in Chicago and that is pizza. Famous for its deep dish, buttery crust, this is a long way from the mostly traditional Italian thin crust style. It truly is a wonder to behold and a wonder to eat, too. We round off the evening with a visit to the cinema to watch The Artist; a couple of post-movie drinks and we’re done – despite planning to head to one of the many awesome blues clubs which are just getting started. But that will have to wait for another visit.

Despite my best efforts, our third day is spent downtown shopping on the Magnificent Mile – every store you could want is here for clothes and stuff apparently. I’m more interested in trying to find a decent set of darts to bring back to Cayman, but sadly I fail. I do, however, manage to snag a pretty sharp set of Nike trainers that I didn’t know I was looking for until I saw them, so it ain’t all bad.


A bit about food

We lunch at Crisp, a North Broadway eaterie that is famous for its Korean-tinged fried chicken. I’d seen it on one of those celebrity cooking shows previously and if it’s good enough for Guy Fieri then it’s gotta be worth a shout. And it comes up trumps; the Seoul Sassy adds a great ginger/garlic slight heat to the very tender chicken which, yes, is crispy on the outside. The salad that comes with it – Buddha Bowl – is a mix of vegetables with rice and topped with a fried egg. Strange, but outstanding nonetheless. A quick trip to the ace Myopic Books yields brain food that afternoon and we round off our trip with a final-evening visit to another awesome food place.

The Purple Pig is located on the Magnificent Mile and can be best described as a kind of pig-worshipping tapas-type bar. We’re a little late due to unforeseen wine, so we have to wait, salivating, for half an hour before the table is ready. But by god it’s worth it; plate after plate of extraordinary dishes are brought out for us to sample and share. There’s fried pig’s ear with crispy kale, braised pork shoulder and mash, turkey leg confit and the absolute star of the show – roasted bone marrow. The interior of the bone is a buttery delight; smeared on brioche it is delicate, rich and something that everyone needs to taste at one time in their lives. The Purple Pig’s menu is great but this is something very special.

And so, a quick few beers later, we’re packing to come back. Yes, it’s cold in the winter, but that’s no bad thing in itself; when you live in beach paradise it’s great to get a dose of opposites once in a while. Chicago is as fast and furious as you want to make it, the inhabitants are friendly and the food is great. With the direct Cayman Airways flight taking around three hours, it could well be the ideal city break.

To see this article in its entirety, click here!


Café Baba Reeba: Terrific Tapas!

My husband and I went out for dinner to one of our favorite spots in Lincoln Park – Café Baba Reeba. This restaurant is known as an elegant tapas restaurant with excellent food and reasonable prices. As we entered the restaurant, we walked down the initial entry hallway and entered the main restaurant. We immediately noticed the host stand directly in front of the main entrance, the patio area to our immediate left and the large bar area to the right. There was a great charred smell in the air and a noticeable buzz of excitement flowing throughout the entire restaurant. All in all, a great first impression that made us very excited to begin our experience.

The host explained that there would be a short (10-15) minute wait for the patio. We took at seat at the bar and enjoyed some sangria. So refreshing!

Regreshing Sangria

After we were seated we started with the Sweet Potatoes – A generous portion of sliced sweet potato pieces situated next to a small scoop of pomegranate aioli. Great flavor/spice overall! Perfect balance of sweet and salty with an excellent textural contrast between the crunch of the sautéed potato skin and the warm smooth potato center. The tart pomegranate aioli was a great compliment and added a great unique taste to the dish. Great way to start the meal! Next we tried the Braised Short Rib. This dish has a medium-sized tender piece of short rib meat served alongside mashed potatoes and sitting in a pool of rioja wine sauce.Extremely tender overall – the short rib was cooked perfectly! The mashed potatoes soaked up all of the remaining wine sauce and were a great compliment to the richness of the short rib. Excellent dish overall! Our next tapa was the Bacon Wrapped Dates. Wow! You get six bacon-wrapped dates topped with fresh green apple pieces served in a small white bowl. The dates were very smooth and tender without being gummy and/or chewy. The salty bacon paired perfectly with the sweetness of the date and also gave the dish a desired textural crunch. We would 100% order this again.

We finished our meal with some coffee and their Butterscotch dessert which is a small shot glass filled with creamy butterscotch filling and topped with a small dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of coco powder. So good! Extremely rich butterscotch flavor. Excellent dessert option with an excellent rich flavor overall.

Anyone looking to have a fun and relaxing dining experience would love Café Baba Reeba. The pricing is especially reasonable for the quality of food and the location of the restaurant. We can’t wait to go back!

Private Party Room at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba


Metro Chicago, a Chicago tradition in Music

As the resident independent music lover in the office, I attend a concert at least once a month. I love seeing live shows, hearing new bands and usually end up traversing around the city of Chicago in search of good tunes.

One of the earliest venues I visited (even before I became a Chicago resident) was Metro Chicago. Metro Chicago is housed in an 85 year old building that used to be a Swedish Community Center. The exterior architecture is unassuming, unpretentious; even in a neighborhood populated by CUBS fans and young urban professionals. Since 1982, Metro Chicago has been cranking out good music and introducing some heavy hitters in the musical forefront. Namely, Chicagoans The Smashing Pumpkins, Urge Overkill, Local H, Liz Phair and Veruca Salt. All of whom began their careers on the Metro stage.

Today, great artists and upcoming new talent showcase their skill set at Metro Chicago. Some of the shows I’ve personally seen there include: Catfish Haven, Dan Deacon, The Psychedelic Furs, Die Antwoord, Hot Chip, Girl Talk and more than I can remember. I enjoy climbing to the 2nd floor and having an aerial view of the stage, the band at work.

Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er performing at Metro Chicago February 15, 2012

Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er performing at Metro Chicago February 15, 2012

During the Die Antwoord concert I was witness to crowd-surfing twice and glad for the safety and security of the 2nd level! During less enthusiastic shows, I prefer to be front and center on the lower level where close proximity to the artists is relatively easily.

Metro Chicago boasts 2 bars, one on the lower level and one on the 2nd level. Metro allows a more intimate experience than the larger dome entertainment centers, such as Allstate Arena or the United Center. A bird’s eye view or front row accessibility are pros to this smaller venue.

Metro Chicago is located on Clark Street, a short train ride from the Hampton Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown. Simply hop on the EL at the Red Line Grand Stop and head North towards Howard. Exit at the Addison Red Line Stop and walk 2 blocks north of Wrigley Field. If you get the chance to visit this iconic Chicago music venue, please do! Odds are you’ll see some great upcoming artists or maybe an old favorite.


Scoozi: Exceptional food presentation and quality

My husband and I had date night, once again, this past weekend and wanted to try something new. We gave Scoozi a shot after hearing some great food reviews. The restaurant gave off a warm and inviting ambiance as soon as we entered making us excited to sit down and start the experience. Our server made us feel very welcome and immediately asked if we would like to start with drinks, wine, or cocktails and also started to discuss the nightly specials and layout of the menu. He did a great job describing the preparation and presentation of some of his favorite recommendations, and it was apparent that he had a good understanding of the menu. Overall, a wonderful first impression.

We started with the Mushroom and Truffle Pizza as an appetizer. Wow! It was a large rectangular thin crust pizza topped with roasted Portobello mushrooms, fresh green baby arugula, ricotta cheese, a porcini pesto sauce, and rich white truffle oil served on a wooden pizza server. Excellent crunch and flavor overall. The fresh and peppery baby arugula paired extremely well with the richness of the ricotta and truffle oil and the earthiness of the Portobello mushrooms. Very good value and portion size for the price. Great appetizer options overall.

Scoozi Gnocci/Ravioli Trio

For an entrée I ordered the Gnocci/Ravioli Trio. This included generous portion of three gnocci/ravioli choices – mushroom bolognese gnocci, tomato and cream gnocci, and seasonal butternut squash ravioli – on a white, divided dish. Overall, the ravioli and gnocci were prepared perfectly. The mushroom bolognese gnocci had a great meaty flavor that paired well with the smooth creamy texture of the gnocci.  The richness of the tomato cream sauce paired extremely well with the smooth light tender gnocci and the smooth butternut squash filling paired very well with the crunch of the candied walnut pieces served atop the ravioli. Overall, a great, unique dish!

What is a dinner date without dessert? We ordered the Strawberry Panna Cotta – a small white disc of fresh cool smooth panna cotta served with fresh sliced strawberries, a drizzle of dark balsamic, and a dusting of white powdered sugar. Excellent fresh light dessert option overall. The smooth vanilla flavor of the panna cotta paired very well with the sweetness of the fresh strawberries, the balsamic, and the powdered sugar.

After we finished our meal Brian wished us a good evening as we stood up to leave as did the host as we left the restaurant. There is no question that my husband and I will return to Scoozi. It is an excellent value, the food quality and presentation is exceptional, and it has a fun, welcoming and elegant atmosphere.


Hank the Tank the Traveling Hampton Bear

Hank the Tank scouting out his next trip

Hank the Tank scouting out his next trip

As some guests may have noticed, the Hampton Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown is home to a loveable, large size bear that resides in the lobby. No, you’re not seeing things. This over-sized teddy-bear is the Hampton’s very own traveling mascot and his name is Hank the Tank!

Hank the Tank and the Team at the Hampton Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown

Hank the Tank and the Team at the Hampton Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown before shipping off to Hampton Inn & Suites Carson City, Nevada

Since his adoption to the Hampton Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown Family, Hank has been hanging out with guests, taking pictures, sharing smiles and hugs and even been shopping on Magnificent Mile. One guest even dared to steal Hank away to his room exclusively-causing quite any uproar on Hank’s whereabouts. Thankfully the staff here at the Hampton was able to rescue Hank and with just that change of scenery from the lobby, Hank longed to see new things and travel to Hampton hotels all around the U.S. He details his travels via facebook, twitter and with pictures and postcards. Ever seen the movie “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?” Well Hank is to Hampton what a pair of jeans were to a few girlfriends. The friendly spirit of camaraderie and hospitality!

Hank the Tank and the Nevada Commission and Chinese Delegation

Hank the Tank and the Nevada Commission and Chinese Delegation

Nevertheless Hank has had some amazing opportunities to visit some awesome Hampton hotels, namely the Hampton Inn & Suites Carson City, Nevada, and the Hampton Inn Raleigh-Capital Blvd. North.  Currently, Hank is traveling to Hampton Inn Gretna/Altavista/Chatham. Do you work at a Hampton nationwide and wish to have Hank at your property? Email me at kreeves@fhginc.com for Hank opportunities!

The Team here at the Hampton Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown hopes you enjoy Hank the Tank’s travels across the United States. Don’t forget to check out pictures and more detailing his trips. If you have suggestions for his next visit, please let me know!



Great experience at Wildfire Chicago!

Wildfire Chicago

It was date night last Friday night at Wildfire Chicago. My husband and I were graciously welcomed by the host. We were then greeted by the Maitre’d who showed us to our table. She engaged us in conversation on the way to the table, asking if we were out doing holiday shopping (we had several shopping bags with us). As we sat down, she made sure the table was in order and made sure we were comfortable before departing back to the host area. An overall wonderful first impression!

We started with the chopped salad to share for an appetizer. What a great appetizer option! A generous portion of mixed greens, roasted chicken, avocado, tomato, blue cheese, bacon, scallions, corn, and tortilla strips tossed with a light citrus vinaigrette dressing and served tableside in a large white bowl with tongs. Excellent blend of fresh flavors and unique textures. Each ingredient complimented the others extremely well. The crunch of the tortilla strips, fresh corn, and bacon pieces paired well with the smooth tender chicken, avocado, tomato, and blue cheese crumbles. The citrus vinaigrette dressing was very light yet flavorful and gave the dish a desired citrus flavor to balance the other ingredients.

For an entrée I ordered the Fillet Medallion Trio. Three filet medallions positioned on a circular white plate. Each was topped with a different signature crust- I chose blue cheese, parmesan, and horseradish. Prepared medium-rare, the filet medallions were extremely tender and juicy. The horseradish crust was surprisingly balanced and not at all overwhelming. The parmesan crust had an excellent cheesy aftertaste, and blue cheese crust was very rich and flavorful overall. An excellent entrée choice due to the difference in flavors you get with one dish. Great job!

After we finished our meal, our plates and flatware were cleared. Our server made sure to wait until the table was fully cleared and crumbed before presenting coffee and dessert options which was appreciated. He wished us a good evening and a happy holiday as we stood up to leave as did the host as we left the restaurant. Overall, a great experience at Wildfire Chicago!



The Vic Theatre: A Musical Mecca in Chicago

As Chicagoans, we’re spoiled. There’s so much to do in this vibrant city, so much to explore, so much to see and share. I don’t think any one person could experience all the city has to offer in one lifetime. I got my first taste of the Windy City culture when I was in College at the University of Kentucky. I remember road-tripping it 6 hours with friends to catch the Hot Chip concert at Metro in Wrigleyville. The next day as my friends and I drove back to campus I realized it was too late; I was hooked. Chicago was to be my new musical mecca. I would make any pilgrimage to see whatever show, wherever, just so long as it was in Chicago.

Fast forward 4 years. I live in the city now and one thing that hasn’t changed has been my love of music. I’ve seen countless shows (Dan Deacon, Feist, Jimmy Eat World, The Sounds, Lykke Li, Hot Chip, 30 Seconds from Mars, Lollapalooza 2010, etc.) at countless venues (The Riv, Aragon, Metro, Shubas, Martyrs’, Kingston Mines, etc.) and yet one of my favorite spots to listen to tunes remains the Vic Theatre at the Belmont and Sheffield intersection.

The Sounds performing at the Vic Theatre

Lead singer of The Sounds, Maja Ivarsson, performing at the Vic Theatre

There’s just something about the Vic that makes you feel alive. Contrary to the mass super-dome centers of Allstate Arena and the likes, the Vic is a more intimate, small venue rich with character and history. According to Wikipedia, the Vic Theater was built in 1912 by Architect John E.O. Pridmore. The five-story venue, originally named Victoria Theatre, took 3 years to build. The beauty of this establishment is that this vaudeville house still operates today for the enjoyment of countless people just as it did nearly 100 years ago.

Opening the double doors that lead into the standing room, lights stream, pulsating bass beats resound in the air and guitar rifs can be felt from the floor to your core. It’s an amazing experience. Mostly due to the close proximity of the stage to the crowd. Musical entertainment is so near, you feel like you’re front and center even if you’re in the back of the room.

Lykke Li performing at the Vic Theatre

Lykke Li performing at the Vic Theatre

Heightened standing areas allow for multiple vantage points, even for the vertically challenged. And let’s not forget the 2 liquid subsidence stations (aka bars) located immediately to your left and right as soon as you enter the standing room. Priorities, people. And speaking of priorities, seeing a live show at the Vic Theatre should definitely be one of yours. Not interested in music? Easy. The Vic Theatre does a Brew and View movie showing weekly. So now you have no excuse not to go. So get going, already!


Date Night: A review of Shaw’s Crab House-Fresh Seafood in Chicago

It was date night last Friday night and Shaw’s Crab House: Fresh Seafood in Chicago was the spot which is just around the corner from the Hampton! We walked up the stairs toward the host stand where we were welcomed graciously and introduced to the maitre’d who showed us to our table. As we sat down, she waited for us to remove our jackets and get situated before handing us the menus. She made sure the table was in order and made sure we were comfortable before departing back to the host area which was much appreciated.

Jose, our server, approached our table welcomed us to the restaurant. His eye contact, friendliness, and casual professionalism made us feel very welcome and excited to start the experience. Jose did an excellent job going through the wine list, appetizer options, and entrée recommendations. He took his time describing the presentation and preparation of several of his favorite recommendations in each of the categories. His salesmanship, honesty, and overall knowledge of the menu were apparent and made us feel very confident with our drink and dinner choices.

We started with Shaw’s Oyster Sampler – twelve fresh oysters including six different varieties of oysters from across the United States including oysters from British Columbia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Prince Edward Island situated on a large bed of freshly shaved ice and circled around three lemon wedges, a small silver ramekin of dark red cocktail sauce, and a small silver ramekin of red wine vinegar and shallot sauce. Very unique and flavorful overall – interesting mix of various textures and flavors. The oysters paired very well with the red cocktail sauce with horseradish and with the flavor of the red wine vinegar shallot sauce. Overall, a great unique first dish.

Shaw's Chicago Oyster Sampler

Shaw's Chicago Oyster Sampler

For an entrée I ordered the Oven Roasted Florida Red Grouper. Large pumpkin seed crusted filet of Florida Red Grouper served next to an orange delicate squash puree sitting in a pool of lemon butter sauce on a large white plate. The preparation of the grouper was excellent with a very tender, warm, flaky interior and a very unique pumpkin seed crusted exterior. The delicate squash puree added a great sweetness to the dish as well as a very unique color combination. The lemon butter sauce paired very well with both the grouper and the squash puree and brought the flavors of both together nicely. Overall, a very seasonal and unique dish! We would most definitely order this again.

We finished our meal by sharing Small taste portions of raspberry pie, pecan pie, key lime pie, and crème brulee served with several small dollops of whipped cream on a long rectangular plate. A great dessert option overall – the raspberry pie and whipped cream were very refreshing and sweet. The pecan pie had an excellent balance between sweet and savory and was very decadent overall. The key lime pie was very light and refreshing and the small dish of crème brulee was very rich and flavorful. Great dessert option!