Cantina Laredo, a Modern Mexican Marvel

Last week I had the pleasure of dining at Cantina Laredo, a Mexican restaurant just steps from the Hampton Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown in the River North neighborhood. To start, the restaurant is brand spankin’ new as of about a month ago. The space itself has a very contemporary, boutique ambiance which is surprisingly inviting and warm. Speaking of warm, there’s a large fireplace towards the back of the restaurant near the restrooms; I imagine this will be a comfort leading into the winter months!

As for the actual dining experience, everything was excellent. Upon being seated, I was greeted by an appetizing avocado in a beautiful silver bowl on the table. While I was salivating over the possibility of fresh guacamole, I was told by my Server that fresh guacamole is prepared tableside and would I like to place an order? But of course! I’ve been to many a restaurant that offered tableside salad service but the guacamole was a first for me. I invite you to order the same, you won’t be disappointed!

Fresh Quacamole being prepared at Cantina Laredo

Tableside Quacamole prepared fresh at Cantina Laredo

I also selected the Chicken Quesidillas AL Carbon as an appetizer. Simply delightful and probably one of the best Quesidillas I’ve ever had….makes my homemade ones made in the microwave with Kraft Cheese look like a joke.

Chicken Quesadillas Al Carbon at Cantina Laredo

Chicken Quesadillas Al Carbon at Cantina Laredo

For my main course, I selected Enchiladas De Barbacoa which is a slow-roasted brisket and monterey jack cheese enchiladas topped with ranchera sauce. Absolutely declicioso!

Enchiladas De Barbacoa at Cantina Laredo

Enchiladas De Barbacoa at Cantina Laredo


Not to name names, but it’s my belief that Cantina Laredo is THE BEST Mexican restaurant in the River North neighborhood of Downtown Chicago. When I dine, my main focus is: “is it yummy?” And “will it fill me up?” The answer to both of these questions is an emphatic “YES!” for Cantina Laredo! Do stop by for a meal soon!


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