The Best Online Shopping Sites for the Holidays

Tis the season to be jolly, right?


Tis the season to be Jolly, right? Well with the holiday cheer also brings some holiday stress with fighting the crowds, while trying to find the right gift at the right price. Its survival of the fittest. Well, if you are one of the many who prefer the miracle of online shopping, I have a few sites for you to check out that will get your creativity flowing for getting that perfect gift for someone special.

The first site I think everyone should check out is If you are a procrastinator like me, then you are scrambling till the week before the holidays to get your gifts. I frantically was searching every website trying to get an idea for what to buy this season and then I stumbled upon After visiting this site, my holidays were saved along with my sanity. I started to become slightly addicted and would spend my evenings searching though every gift imaginable. The best part about this site is the personality profiler, which allows you customize your search settings to narrow down the best gift. You can also select the amount you are looking to spend and it will bring up a schmorgous board of ideas for you to select from and the link to where you can buy them. Personally, I have become quite fond of Personal Creations which allows you to customize your gifts at an affordable price. I hate to spill the beans, but most of my family will be receiving gifts with their names all over them. This site has gifts for the the guys guy, outdoor adventurer, trendinista, fitness and health nut, and much more.

Another site that you could spend hours perusing through is This site is creativity on steroids. If you are feeling ambitious and want to hand make your gifts this year, visit this site for some of the most crafty projects that will wow anyone in your family! This site is an online pinboard which allows you to post all of your favorite ideas and check out other peoples projects to recreate in your own home. From food to fashion, there is something for everyone. Here are some pins for you to check out which will really add pizzazz to your holiday’s.


Santa party mix:

Handmade ornament:


Until next time, shop on online shoppers and have a wonderful Holidays!


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