NYC Bagel a hidden gem in River North!

As the saying goes, little things come in small packages….. No, I did not get a little box over the weekend that could possibly determine the rest of my life. I am actually talking about the small New York City Bagel store (NYC), located on Dearborn just across the street from the Hampton inn & Suites Chicago Downtown. This is truly a hidden gem in the River North area of Chicago; they have great flavors and the quality of their meats are amazing!

I have begun to use them as our outside catering company for my meetings at the hotel. I knew that they were good, as on more than one occasion I have been known to run across the street to indulge in their savory breakfast bagel sandwich. Yum! Our first experience working with them as a caterer went better than I had hoped, the staff was amazing! When I expressed concerns about the details of the lunch for the meeting they were more than happy to meet with me. In person, we were able to discuss what I envisioned; they ensured that everything was executed to my expectations.

The meeting was for 64 people, this had originally been 24 and as the client called me to increase the number of attendees, I in turn called NYC to increase the number of people for lunch. They were more than accommodating, which seeing the size of the store one might think that they would not be able to high volume catering. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the presentation of the food that they were so willing to deliver to the hotel in order to facilitate the process for us.

The best part of this experience is that the client was blown away; the program coordinator sent an email a couple of days after the event, “Thank you for taking care of our needs for this event! It was above and beyond our expectations. The ultimate goal in the service industry to make the client happy, through NYC’s professionalism and attention to detail this was accomplished and certainly well received”.

The next time that you stay with us at the Hampton or if you are in the River North area, go and get a sandwich at NYC Bagel. You won’t regret it!


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