Pizzaria Via Stato

My husband and I were feeling something casual for date night last Friday but still wanted something delicious. We thought we’d try Pizzaria Via Stato right on State Street just a around the corner from the Hampton Inn & Suites. As we entered Pizzeria Via Stato through the main outdoor entry-way, we were drawn into the buzz and excitement from the tables situated throughout the outdoor seating area at once. The tables were full of various thin-crust pizzas, salads, and appetizers making us extremely excited to sit down and start our experience. We were immediately welcomed by the hostess and promptly shown to our table.

Our server approached our table within two minutes of being seated. We were unfamiliar with many of the wine and cocktail selections, and he kindly offered some of his favorite recommendations which was appreciated. When it came time to discuss dinner options, he did a great job describing the preparation and presentation of the specials. Overall, a great first impression.

We started with the Chopped Salad  with tender chicken pieces, iceberg lettuce, halved grape tomatoes, crunchy house-made croutons, avocado, celery, parmesan cheese, and a tangy mustard vinaigrette. Very refreshing overall! The crunch of the croutons, lettuce, red peppers, and crisp grape tomatoes paired very well with the tender chicken and creamy avocado. The tangy mustard vinaigrette brought all of the flavors together nicely and gave the salad a great underlying citrus flavor. Great sizeable appetizer portion overall.

Chopped Salad

We then tried their monthly special pizza – a small thin-crust pizza topped with sweet spring onions, robiola and mozzarella cheeses, and a farm fresh egg and served on a large silver dish. Excellent crunch, saltiness, and sweetness overall. The crust was prepared perfectly with a crisp slightly charred exterior. The saltiness of the robiola and mozzarella cheeses and the richness of the farm egg paired extremely well with the sweetness of the fresh spring onions. The pizza had a great unique combination of flavors and textures.

We finished our experience with the Gelato Trio. This came with three small white dishes filled with three different kinds of house-made gelato – vanilla, chocolate hazelnut, and burnt caramel all dusted with powdered sugar on a large white plate. Excellent selections overall! Each gelato selection was fresh and complimented one another very well. Great dessert option!

Anyone looking to have a fun and relaxing dining experience would love Pizzaria Via Stato. The pricing is very reasonable for the quality of food presented and the location of the restaurant.


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