Snickers Bar & Grill

Dive bars are few and far between in Chicago’s River North Neighborhood. But every once and a while I will get a guest who will ask me where a good local joint to grab a beer and watch the game. Go no further than at the end of our block on the corner of Illinois & State street where you will find Snickers. You can look it up on Yelp and find out what the reviewer say about it, but the common theme is that they don’t have one common type of crowed. You will find the 80 year old grandpa, the 22 year old frat boy and a hotel general manager cheering on their hometown favorite teams.

Snickers Bar & Grill

It doesn’t have a pretentious atmosphere or a bouncer at the door. They welcome just about anyone in who is willing to keep a bar stool warm. They serve Greek food, that I understand ain’t half bad. It’s not the kind of place you order wine from. They have a pretty good bottled beer selection and a few beers on tap. I’m pretty sure they go through about a case of Jameson a night on the weekends from the amount of shots I’ve seen them pour (note the $2 shot sign in the window).

Sometimes on a night out, you don’t want to have to scream to the person next to you or listen to the thump of the DJ booth. When it’s that kind of night out, give Snickers a try.


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