Jenna Haymond

Jenna Haymond, Travel, Tour & Leisure Sales Manager

Jenna Haymond, Travel, Tour & Leisure Sales Manager


Travel, Tour & Leisure Sales Manager

Don’t hassle me, I’m local (and a Cubs fan)! In fact, I was born and raised in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, but was a frequent visitor to the Windy City from the moment I was allowed to ride the Metra without a chaperone. I knew my heart belonged in Chicago. I graduated from Illinois State University with my Bachelors in Business with a focus on Marketing and Advertising. After college I launched my career in Hospitality back in ‘burbs, then city bound just a few years later.

After being a resident of Chicago for 2 years now, I have adopted a few things that define me as true Chicagoan. For example; I will always believe the Chicago Cubs will win a World Series, I NEVER put ketchup on a Hot Dog, the CTA Red Line is a necessary evil, I can never pass up a Chicago Deep Dish pizza, and I own more Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, and Bulls apparel than normal clothes.

Among other things, I have a passion for music, comedy, exploring new restaurants and venues, making homemade greeting cards, sharing my life stories, being an expert in cooking macaroni and cheese, and I’m not ashamed to admit I like bad reality TV.

At the Hampton I work as a Group Sales Manager for all Tour, Travel, Leisure, and Association segments. It is never a dull day at the office when you work on a team with big personalities, which makes coming to work a pleasure. I am an extroverted person who loves to make a lasting impression. Feel free to stop in; I am happy to connect with you!


Jenna can be reached via email at or 312-396-5233


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