Ruth Garcia

Ruth Garcia, Sales & Catering Coordinator, specializing in Wedding & Government Groups

Ruth Garcia, Sales & Catering Coordinator, specializing in Wedding & Government Groups


Sales & Catering Coordinator, specializing in Wedding & Government Groups

Hola y bien venido a nuestro hotel!

Being from another country myself, I know what it is to travel and be far away from home. I was born in Madrid, Spain and moved to Los Angeles when I was 8 years old. Not knowing a word aside from Hello and Goodbye I had a little difficult time adjusting to the people and the culture; but through time and a lot of English classes, I was able to communicate with my peers in no time.

Traveling back and forth to Spain meant spending a lot of time in hotels and being away from family. Trust me when I say that I definitely understand what it is to travel long distances and be quite cranky when arriving at a hotel. I feel that this experience is something that sets me apart from other people in the industry, having lived this myself, I am able to anticipate what our guests needs will be before they arrive to our hotel. My motto is and has always been “no detail is too small and no request is too large.” I will do my best to ensure that our guests feel right at home!

Now to the best part….ME!!! Although I am serious about my work and a delight to work with, I do have a fun/sarcastic sense of humor. I love to laugh and if I can, I will go out of my way to pull a prank on my co-workers. I believe that a work environment should be fun and enjoyable and if at all possible exciting (I was brave enough to hold a scorpion this year!) Growing up in California I am definitely a beach bum, so when I have free time, I love going to the lake with my dog and spending a good amount of time at Montrose Beach. I prefer to play sports instead of watching them, my favorite would have to be water polo. Anyone dare to play?!!!

Looking forward to connecting with you during your upcoming stay!!


Ruth can be reached via email at or 312-396-5238




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