Luca Parisi

Luca Parisi, Sales Manager

Luca Parisi, Sales Manager

Corporate Group Sales Manager

Born and raised in the Northwest side of Chicago to Italian immigrant parents, my life was a not a scene from “Goodfellas” but more so like “Everybody Loves Raymond”. Cracking jokes here and there and having a very over protected mother. I take my heritage to heart as being and Italian American. I hold family and friends close and traditions closer. So when Italy is in the world cup (that’s soccer just in case you were wondering”) things get serious. Though I love my Chicago Teams (Cubs, Bears, Bulls and Hawks)!

Some of my hobbies include is that I know how to cook, not a lot of men know how to cook so I pride myself in knowing how to cook. I cook from traditional Italian with a modern kick to everything under the sun. You’ll never go hungry in my house. I also make homemade wine, a tradition passed down from my father to me. I also am a film buff especially James Bond or anything filmed in Chicago and yes I read the occasional comic book.

With a passion with marketing and advertising that lead me to graduate from Columbia College Chicago (’03) with a concentration in Marketing Communication. One of my professors told me once that I have a way of speaking and telling a story that engages the audience so that’s what led me to break out of my shell and strive in sales/marketing. Though working in hospitality kind of fell in my lap, no seriously my cell phone rang which was thrown on my lap when the sales manager from a hotel called me asking if I would be interested in presuming a career change.
Being a family man I do put my family first especially my son. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 3 years old (August 2012) and he is the beacon of courage with everything he has to go through. With this my wife and I participate with various diabetes foundations such as “Step Out” for diabetes.

I handle all Corporate Groups at the hotel. Coming into Hampton Team was a pleasant change from the energy they portray. Don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s something I can help you with.


Luca can be reached via email at or 312-396-5234


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