Fine Dining in Chicago

One of Chicago’s most elegant restaurants is Everest - located on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange. My husband and I had the opportunity to experience Everest this past fall. We were greeted by the host who was very cordial and welcoming. He offered to take our coats as soon as we walked in. We were next greeted by the Maitre D’ who was polite and professional as she guided us to our seats. We were offered a generous assortment of fresh breads including sour dough, French, multigrain, olive, and rye presented on a tray and presented by the food runner. Bread had very crisp crust with soft center; all choices were very fresh.

Assortment of Fresh Bread

We were treated to an Amuse Bouche which contained three unique teaser portions – a small white spoon of fresh seasonal pumpkin puree sprinkled with small bits of crisp prosciutto, a small silver ladle filled with a fresh cauliflower soup, and a small white bowl filled with a thin slice of fried fluke atop a creamy slaw all presented on a long rectangular plate. Each small portion was extremely flavorful and refreshing; the fresh pumpkin was a great seasonal choice and paired very well with the saltiness and crunch of the prosciutto; the cauliflower soup was very rich and creamy; and the fried fluke and creamy slaw brought a nice familiarity to the overall presentation. This was a great way to start the experience!

For an appetizer we ordered the Roasted Main Lobster. This had a Generous portion of fresh roasted Maine lobster meat situated in a pool of Alsace Gewurztraminer butter sauce and sprinkled with ginger presented in a large white bowl. The lobster was extremely tender and flavorful overall; lobster meat paired perfectly with the richness and unique woody flavor of the Alsace butter sauce; ginger added a great subtle sweetness and a great contrast to the richness of the butter sauce.

For an entrée I ordered the Colorado Rack of Lamb. This dish had Three bone-in lamb fillets situated atop a root vegetable gratin and next to a sweet garlic flan garnished with a crisp thyme leaf and tomato and served on a large circular white dish. The overall tenderness of the lamb and the compliment with the garlic flan/vegetable gratin.

Breathtaking Views

Our experience would not have been complete without dessert! We finished with the Banana Dessert – A large square of fresh banana crème brulee containing fresh diced banana pieces bordered with a soft chocolate cake and topped with a quenelle of fresh vanilla praline ice cream and a powdered sugar coated cookie accompanied by four small drizzles of thick maple syrup sauce. Unbelievable!  Extremely rich and decadent overall; crème brulee was prepared perfectly and paired well with the moist chocolate boarder; diced banana pieces added a great textural balance within the dish as did the crispness of the crème brulee topping; fresh vanilla praline ice cream was very rich overall and added a great cool variation to the dish; maple syrup tied all ingredients together nicely and offered a great seasonal flavor. Great dessert!

The pace of the meal was excellent. Service was good and excellent very polite and professional. The server had a great attitude, and his food knowledge was impressive.