Hub 51

It was date night last Friday night! We decided to head over to Hub 51 – just steps from the Hampton! We entered the restaurant and immediately noticed the buzz from the bar area and a feeling of excitement flowing throughout the restaurant. Overall, a great exciting first impression.

We were seated, and our server approached our table right away. Her casual professionalism and overall personality made us feel welcome and excited to begin our meal. When it came time to start discussing food and drink options, she was able to answer all of our questions and gave several excellent recommendations. By the way she described the preparation and presentation of the appetizer and entrée recommendations, you could tell she had a great knowledge of the menu and that she was confident answering all of our questions.

 We started with the Del Mar Seafood Salad to share. There was a large portion of seafood salad which included fresh iceburg lettuce, poached shrimp and peekytoe crab, radicchio, green beans, jicama, red pepper, celery, edamame, carrots, and tomatoes served with a thick vinaigrette on a large white circular plate. Great fresh salad option overall! The crunch of the lettuce, tomato, radicchio, jicima, celery, carrots, and green beans paired nicely with the tender shrimp, crab, and edamame. The vinaigrette paired perfectly with the fresh salad ingredients and gave the dish a great sweet flavor. Excellent starter selection and perfect for two people.

 Next I tried their Fish Tacos – seasoned Mahi Mahi filet served with fresh corn tortillas, a green chili salsa, fresh diced tomatoes, guacamole, white rice, black beans, and a creamy cabbage slaw and served on a large white oval dish. The tender Mahi Mahi was seasoned extremely well with a unique baja rub and paired perfectly with the creamy cabbage slaw. The fresh green chili salsa complimented the fish and slaw and brought a slightly spicy and very unique flavor to the dish. Great flavors and textures overall!

 The overall pace of the meal was excellent. We had enough time to savor each course without feeling rushed. This restaurant is an excellent value, the food quality and presentation is excellent overall, and it is a fun, welcoming, and elegant atmosphere. The pricing is very reasonable for the quality of food presented and the location of the restaurant in Chicago.