Paris Club

Studio Paris is a popular place to go out in Downtown Chicago, but I think Paris Club is discredited for how delicious their food is. I went there for dinner this past weekend with friends, and it is now one of my favorites. I recommend simply sharing their small plates. This way you can get a little taste of everything.

We started with their Drippings on Toast. This dish comes with five toasted slices of French bread situated next to a black iron bowl filled with tender brown short rib meat and an extremely flavorful short rib sauce. Wow! Great way to start the meal! The tenderness of the short rib meat paired perfectly with the crunch of the toasted French bread and the overall flavor of the sauce was meaty, salty, and delicious. Excellent selection overall!

We next tried the Lobster Crostini. Two large slices of toasted crostini pieces topped with a delicately prepared scrambled egg, large pieces of butter-poached lobster, and a light drizzle of white truffle oil. Incredible! This was by far the most memorable dish of the night. Each of the ingredients complimented one another perfectly. The smooth tender scrambled egg paired extremely well with the snap of the fresh lobster meat and the crunch of the crostini. The portion size is perfect for two people overall and the light drizzle of truffle oil added that great earthy aroma and flavor. If you go with a group I recommend ordering a few. Excellent! I would 100% order this again.

Next was the Paris Chopped Chicken Salad – A Large portion of chicken chopped salad which included fresh iceberg and romaine lettuce, fresh green avocado slices, tender chicken pieces, halved grape tomatoes, green onion, cauliflower, croutons, and served with a sweet vinaigrette in a white bowl. Great fresh salad option overall! The crunch of the lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, and onion paired nicely with the tender chicken and the creamy smooth avocado slices. The addition of cauliflower was a unique touch to a common dish and complimented the other ingredients well. The sweet vinaigrette paired perfectly with the fresh salad ingredients and gave the dish a great sweet flavor. Excellent!

We went on to try their Tuna Tartare – An appetizer portion of fresh pink tuna tartare mixed with fresh green mint leaves, arugula, diced avocado, and tossed in a light vinaigrette and served on a white plate. Exceptional light refreshing dish overall. The fresh tuna pieces paired extremely well with the smooth creamy avocado and the lightness of the sauce added a great sweetness to the dish without being overwhelming.

We finished our meal with the Cheese Plate for dessert. Two long slices of toasted French bread situated next to three cheese selections – blue cheese, a light goat cheese, and a hard cow’s milk selection – accompanied by nuts and small slices of fresh fig. Excellent presentation overall. Each of the elements complimented one another well in both flavor and texture. Great way to end the meal!

I would 100% return to Paris Club. This restaurant is an excellent value, the food quality and presentation is excellent overall, and it is a fun, welcoming, and elegant atmosphere. Can’t wait to go back soon!