Fall in Chicago

Summer over, and let’s faces it – Chicago’s best season is fall. The humidity of summer suddenly turns crisp, ushering bursts of gorgeous, coppery color in the trees.

Here are a few things you should try to do this September in Chicago;

1. Try a new restaurant.

New hotspots opening this season: Chop Shop and the 1st Ward (a Bucktown restaurant, bar, music venue and butcher shop combined into one) debuts in mid-September, A10 (a European venture from Matthias Merges of Yusho and Billy Sunday) arrives in October and Eataly (Mario Batali’s megaspace of eight restaurants, a microbrewery and a culinary school) opens its doors in mid-November.



2. Drive out to the drive-in.

Before the weather gets too cold, bundle up with some blankets, popcorn and good company at the old-timey Cascade Drive-In in West Chicago.

Cascade Drive-In

Cascade Drive-In

3. Design Harvest Festival Sept. 28-29

Chicago’s annual street festival celebrating home design will feature a myriad of local vendors and antique collectors, as well as family hay rides, pumpkin painting to raise money for a local elementary school, square dancing, cold beer, delicious food and live music programming from The Hideout.

Design Harvest Festival

Design Harvest Festival

4. Search for the best cider.

‘Tis that time of year. For the hard cider fans: Sprout, SmallBar, The Grafton Pub and Kuma’s Corner all have excellent selections. Have it hot or cold, a perfect drink for fall time weather.




Chicago is notorious for its culinary scene. One restaurant that puts Chicago on the map is Tru. This has been on my bucket list for a long time running. I, finally, can now to check it off my list! My husband and I had a “truly” (no pun intended) incredible experience.

We entered the restaurant and immediately focused our attention on the hostess area adjacent to the main door. The lighting in the restaurant was dark and inviting. We were immediately welcomed by a team of restaurant staff who took our coats and promptly welcomed us into the restaurant. Overall, a unique and exciting first impression.
Once our reservation was located, we were then introduced to the maitre’d and promptly shown to our table.

Our main captain approached our table within the first two minutes after we had sat down. He immediately asked if we would prefer a cocktail, glass of champagne, or view the wine list and explained that he would give us several minutes and then discuss food options and recommendations once we had made our drink selection. After we had placed our drink order and after an initial amuse bouche course, we were presented with menus. Our captain did an excellent job explaining the layout of the menu, the various menu choices, and the caviar menu.

I started with the Duck Consomme. Excellent unique presentation overall! A burner and glass device were presented at our table which contained duck consomme along with black truffle and a number of other aromatics  Once the liquid cycled back-and-forth through the glass device enough times to fully impart the dish’s unique rich flavors, the hot flavorful liquid was poured over several small foie gras ravioli pieces, small pieces of duck confit, and presented in a white bowl. The duck consomme broth was extremely flavorful, earthy, and rich overall. The foie gras ravioli and duck confit pieces added great texture and an additional layer of earthiness to the dish. Such a memorable presentation and flavors overall!

Next I tried the Atlantic Skate – a small strip of pan-seared Atlantic skate presented with small diced pieces of orange braised fennel and crispy garlic pieces on a unique white plate. A great delicate dish. The skate was prepared perfectly with a slightly crisp exterior and warm flaky interior. The orange braised fennel had a slight touch of orange which was not overpowering and paired perfectly with the delicate skate. Great delicate and flavorful first dish overall.

We finished our experience with the Campfire of S’more for dessert. Excellent presentation, textures, and flavors! A small cannelle of marshmallow ice cream presented alongside a trio of chocolate selections – one airy milk chocolate mouse, one dense frozen dark chocolate crumble, and one milk chocolate thick rich mouse presented on a long black dish. Very unique and memorable! The different chocolate variations added a great textural contrast, the marshmallow ice cream was smooth creamy and flavorful, and the overall presentation was excellent. Such a great dessert option!

Campfire of S’more


The overall pace of the meal was excellent. We had enough time to savor each course without feeling rushed. Each dish was presented in an extremely unique manner and the food quality was impeccable overall. The entire wait staff team did an excellent job maintaining the order of the table. Our flatware was replaced before each course, our water and wine glasses were never neglected, and the table was crumbed after each course. Overall, our wait staff team remained attentive and aware throughout the meal and maintained the cleanliness and the order of the table extremely well.

After we finished our dessert course and experienced the additional dessert cart (amazing) the table was cleared of all remaining items and the table was crumbed one final time. The check was presented in a timely manner and all items were indicated properly on the check. Overall, we had a great memorable dining experience at Tru.