Girl and the Goat: Worth the Wait!

When people think of Chicago they think of the windy city and of great food! Personally, I think that both of these are certainly worth taking into consideration, especially the dining portion! Since I have lived in the city of Chicago I always make it a point to try new restaurants that I have not been to. My latest addition to the list is the Girl and the Goat. This awesome restaurant is located in the West Loop smack dab in the Randolph Restaurant Corridor. It is easily accessible from the River North area via taxi, if you are staying with us at the Hampton Inn & Suites it will probably take you about 10 minutes via cab.

I would strongly recommend that you have a reservation before you go to this restaurant and be warned that when you try to make one, they will probably be booked for months! Now you are certainly able to just show up and put your name on the list but the wait is at least 45 minutes if not longer. We had a reservation that was made 4 months prior to the selected date for dinner!! Now this certainly took me by surprise, this was my first restaurant where I had to make reservations so far ahead. You are probably thinking one of two things right now; this must be an amazing restaurant to be booked so far in advance or is this really worth my time?! I assure you that this restaurant is so busy because it is absolutely worth your time! The chef who created the restaurant, Stephanie Izard, won top chef several seasons ago and has really made a name for herself here in Chicago with her $1.5 million dollar restaurant-The Girl and the Goat. If you don’t like crowded places then this might not be the spot for you, but if you are just looking to be surrounded with great friends and looking to have dinner in a rockin’ environment then certainly check this out!

When we sat down we were immediately greeted by our waitress. As it was our first time there she was more than happy to explain how the Chef envisioned the dining experience. Because there were four of us she recommended that we order anywhere from 8 to 11 dishes. At first we thought that this would be a ridiculous amount of food and we were hesitant to order that much, but she did reassure us that we would be full, as the portions were designed to be small in order to enjoy the flavor of each bite. As we ordered our entrees we were pleasantly surprised by the aromas and the infused flavors of each individual dish. One of my favorite dishes was the Sautéed green beans. This dish contains a fish sauce vinaigrette with cashews; for a person that is not crazy about green beans I was surprised I could not get enough of this dish. I highly recommend this dish to anyone that is eating at this amazing restaurant.

Sauteed Green Bean

Wood Fired Oysters

One of the many flatbreads available